Relli De Vries

Relli De Vries


2002-2007               BLA, Landscape Architecture, Faculty of Architecture and Town Planning, Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa, Israel

1998-2000               Technical Engineering, Landscape Architecture, Yad Giora College, Herzliya, Israel

1977-1981               Art and Stage Design for Theatre, Tel Aviv University, Israel

1976-1980               Painting studies with artist Raffi Lavie


Solo Exhibitions

2013        “The Bent Plain Project Part 1”, The Passage, Tel Aviv

2011        “Orientatzia2”, Museum of Art, Ein Harod, Israel

2010        “Also Compasses Turn About, I Am Telling You”, The Artists’ House, Tel Aviv

2010        “Relocating the Costal Road”, Architects’ House, Jaffa, Israel

2009        “The Akkub and the Society of Bad Weeds”, Zochrot Gallery, Tel Aviv

1998        “Physical, Economic, Political”, Museum of Art, Ein-Harod

1997        “Cross-Section”, Hakibbutz Gallery, Tel Aviv

1994        “Reconstruction in Three Parts – Architectural Installation”, The Janco-Dada Museum, Ein-                Hod, Israel

1993        “Conglomerates”, Noga Gallery for Contemporary Art, Tel Aviv


Selected Group Exhibitions


2015        “Agro-Art: Contemporary Agriculture in Israeli Art”, Petach Tikva Museum of Art, Israel

2014        “Technical Unconcious” as part of a residency at the MA Program in art and design for the                 public space, University of Porto, Portugal

2014        “War Rug”, The Artists’ House, Tel Aviv

2011        “Time Line r.l.”, Hamidrasha School of Art, Beit Berl College, Israel

2011        “Tools’ Testing # 8”, multi-disciplinary art festival, The Municipal Youth House, Tel Aviv

2010        “White Cube, Black Cube”, The Centre for Contemporary Art (CCA), Tel Aviv

2010        “Aloevera Upside Down – Monitoring Station”, as part of the “Loving Art” festival, Loveat                Café, Tel Aviv

2009        “ARTLV”, The Tel Aviv Art Biennale

2007        “Present Now: Art of the Country 5”, The Reading A Electricity Plant, Tel Aviv

2006        “Landscapes from the Margins”, graduate exhibition of the department of Landscape           Architecture at the Technion, Architects’ House, Jaffa

2006        “Postcards from Gaza, Postcard to Gaza”, Zochrot Gallery, Tel Aviv

2005        “Separation”, Architects’ House, Jaffa

1990        Outdoor Sculpture Competition, Mitzpeh-Ramon, Israel

1989        Outdoor Sculpture Competition, Tel-Hai, Israel

1984        Radius Gallery, Tel Aviv

1983        Achad Haam 90 Gallery, Tel Aviv

1981        “The Autumn Salon for Contemporary Art”, Dizengoff Centre, Tel Aviv

1981        “Now”, Zavta Gallery, Tel Aviv

1980        “New Faces”, Shinar Gallery, Tel AvivPublications


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