Time line R.L.

Orly Roman


“On the last day of the last exhibition at the Israel Museum stood a

group of ultra-Orthodox and looked inside, into the innards of the piano that he exhibited. They tried to understand. I took a photograph of them. The day following his death the jacaranda leaves dropped on the pavement and the garden at Oliphant 8. I tried to understand. I took a shot. He knew many did not understand him.”

Relli De Vries, an artist and landscape architect, constructs a memorial to Rafi Lavi who was her teacher. Wooden rulers scorched by time scale-marks seal off his room at Hamidrasha school of art, trying to gauge the relations that did not exist here, at this place. A place where his presence was so felt and with whom it was so identified. His person lingers on like a ghost inspiring the space, still present in her life.